FJHooker, American Contemporary ArtistFJHooker is a contemporary American artist and 4th generation quilter. In her “Quilts” series, she draws on her family tradition, reinterpreting quilt patterns using wood, recycled aluminum beverage cans, paint, gold leaf and industrial aluminum. Using a mosaic technique, she creates luminous, durable works that emphasize the beauty and artistry of the quilt.

In her new series “Glyphs”, she reaches farther back into history to explore her fascination with “markings”, drawing inspiration from runes, cave drawings, hieroglyphs and petroglyphs.

Her work encompasses two major themes: Quilts and Glyphs

Wooden Quilts

Drawing from her family’s quilting roots, FJHooker’s “Quilts” reinterpret traditional patterns using painted wood.

Log Cabin wooden quilt by FJ Hooker Log Cabin – Dimensions: 66″ x 66″

Aluminum Quilts

Blue Tiles Aluminum Quilt Blue Tiles – Dimensions: 44″ x 72″


One Thousand Pyramids aluminum quilt by FJ Hooker One Thousand Pyramids – Dimensions: 44″ X 48″

Gold Leaf Quilts

Irish Chain Gold Leaf QuiltIrish Chain – Dimensions:  45″ x  45″


In ”Glyphs”, FJHooker’s most recent work, the artist pays homage to aluminum beverage cans, that contemporary symbol of Americana as ubiquitous worldwide as blue jeans and the personal computer. The constructions, made of small primary shaped cuttings from the cans are reassembled into new elegant shapes which now form a novel language of marks and curves in luminous jewel colors. Ancient pottery shards are brought to mind, in this case reconceived and creatively recycled as iconic discarded remnants of our culture.

Beijing Olympics Glyph by FJ HookerDimensions: 3.5″ x 48″